Mafia, mafia, mafia x YLE

During my four years in Italy, I covered the mafia from various points of few. I did stories on the modernization of the mafia and how it has moved from direct violence into economic crimes. I produced investigative reports that looked into the so-called agromafia – criminals that profit from counterfeit food and wine.

In Sicily, I interviewed an organization called Libera that organizes grassroots campaigns against the local cosa nostra mafia. I also met an entrepreneur that has survived decades of extortion by the mobsters.

Close to Naples, I covered an organization that uses former mafia properties to organize art exhibitions.

In Rome, I covered the local mafia branch’s infiltration of the city council.

I also investigated the so-called Terra dei fuochi, an area close to Naples, where the mafia has allegedly been dumping toxic waste. This has caused cancer rates to skyrocket in the nearby villages.

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